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“Our Testing Is Performed At The Owner’s Facility At The Earliest Possible Date Agreed Upon”

Aerial Device Inspection Reports

Visual and Functional Test Reports designed to be used as weekly, monthly, and quarterly inspection guides for the Fire Department.

We realize, when choosing a Testing Company there are certain variables which must be taken into consideration. Cost, we are sure, is a major factor. But coupled with cost is the service one should expect to receive. If a testing company cannot provide the Fire Department with complete, accurate, up-to-date testing procedures and records, the inspection performed will be useless. Our reports reflect a commitment to provide the most complete and accurate testing available.

Our testing report goes beyond evaluating each unit for Safety. It can be used to assist the Fire Department in setting up their own inspection program. One feature of our inspection service is to provide unique, tailor-made Visual and Functional Test Records which the Fire Department can use for weekly, monthly, quarterly inspections. Thus, each unit has its own inspection form, specifically designed for it. Other features of our report include maintenance and service checks.

We believe, there is a growing need to assist Fire Departments in the Care and Maintenance of Aerial Apparatus. By utilizing our inspection procedures, Upkeep, Repair, and Maintenance costs can be substantially reduced. In addition, our report will provide a firm foundation for evaluating your Aerial Apparatus efficiently and effectively.

Our services extend beyond just testing Aerial Apparatus. We feel that our knowledge and years of experience can be a great asset to Fire Departments, and that our inspection reports reflect our commitment to serve and assist each Fire Department fully.

Our inspection process provides a dependable platform for evaluation of acceptable risk and failure. It is a reliable method to balance Expense Cost and Benefit Cost. Our detailed report assists manufacturers and repair facilities when quoting repairs needed for certification.

Our Testing and Inspection Services are designed to provide customers with independent, objective safety examinations.





Inspection Certificate

Inspection Sticker to be placed on the apparatus after Certification is granted.


 Our Testing Is Performed At The Owner's Facility At The Earliest Possible Date Agreed Upon.

Aerial Certificate

Certification of Aerial Device Inspection will be issued with successful completion of testing.