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 Standards & Codes

The Standards and Codes used in the manufacturing and testing of Aerial Device Equipment are:

N.F.P.A. National Fire Protection Association I.A.F.F. International Association of Fire Fighters A.S.T.M. American Society for Testing and Materials
A.S.N.T. American Society of Nondestructive Testing A.N.S.I. American National Standards Institute A.W.S. American Welding Society
A.S.M.E. American Society of Mechanical Engineering S.A.E. Society of Automotive Engineers O.S.H.A. Occupational Safety and Health Administration
    D.I.S. Department of Industrial Safety    

We have incorporated these standards and Codes into our testing and inspection reports. Our programs can be utilized during the manufacturing process, or in the field after the apparatus has been placed in service. Our testing programs have been developed from years of experience.